Chair's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Every day of our lives, in our work as family doctors, brings new opportunities to reflect and learn about ourselves and from each other. Sharing stories is a fundamental part of the work we do.

As family doctors we follow our patients’ stories throughout their lives, and often also across generations, and as such, we become a part of our patients’ stories as well. Whether through interactions with our patients, colleagues or others, a diagnosis that went right or wrong, a teaching moment with a student or resident that taught us more than them, or a leadership challenge, being a family doctor brings new, interesting stories to share every day.

The University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) is launching our newest endeavour that aims to provide a way to share some of these stories with our peers and with the general public. This month, the first in our podcast series, called “Small Changes, Big Impact”, will be released and will be available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Play.

Small Changes, Big Impact” provides a voice to our DFCM faculty by highlighting the work we are doing on the front lines of primary care. Hosted by faculty member Dr. Jeremy Rezmovitz, the podcast will feature frank conversations with family doctors and other primary care professionals. We’ll hear stories of how our faculty members were inspired by their patients and other factors, to make a change in their practice, their teaching or another area of academic medicine, and what they learned along the way.

Our first episode features North York General Hospital faculty member, Dr. Kimberly Wintemute, who speaks eloquently on her experiences with medical assistance in dying (MAID) and the impact this has had on her life, personally and professionally. It is a profoundly moving conversation that I know many of you will relate to and be inspired by.

New episodes will be released each Wednesday morning. I encourage you to subscribe to ensure you receive notifications as each podcast is released. After listening to each podcast, you may like to provide a review on whatever platform you are using. You can also visit for more information and a transcript of each episode. And if you are interested in being interviewed for the podcast series, please email

As part of our DFCM 50th Anniversary celebrations, we are also gathering stories from many of our current and former faculty, alumni, staff and learners on their favourite memories of their time at DFCM, why they are proud to be part of our department and our university, and initiatives they have been a part of that they felt really made an impact on their patients, communities, and learners. I encourage you to email to share your stories with the rest of our department. You can also visit our 50th Anniversary website to read stories from other members of our department, and to see the interactive timeline of DFCM’s history.

With over 1700 faculty members, and over 500 graduate and postgraduate students, serving over one million patients, DFCM has a huge wealth of stories to share.

Michael Kidd
Professor and Chair
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Telephone: 416-978-6473