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Popular Family Medicine Topics

Use these convenient pre-constructed searches of the most popular topics in health professions teaching and clinical medicine to find current and reliable sources for your projects.

Clinical Medicine

Find evidence-based literature from the last five years on clinical medicine topics through PubMed Medline’s database. These search links provide the most up-to-date sources for scientific studies that are randomized controlled trials, meta-analyses, multicentre studies, systematic reviews and, in some cases, cohort studies or practice guidelines.

The following topics are taken from Evidence-Based Family Medicine by Walter Rosser and Sharon Shafir (1998). Click on any topic heading to view search results. To view the search strategy, click on the "Details" button in PubMed once the search has been executed.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Newborns and Young Children

Cardiovascular Disease

Cancer Detection

Other Common Problems

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