Blair Henry DBioethics
Assistant Professor
DFCM - Division of Palliative Care
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2075 Bayview Ave
Room H2 39
Toronto, ON, M4N 3M5
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Research Interests
Palliative Care, Systematic Reviews, Ethnography, Mixed Methods, Survey Methods, Bioethics

Blair has a Doctor of Bioethics from Loyola University and is a Senior Ethicist with the Ethics Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, and an Assistant Professor with the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. 

Prior to joining Sunnybrook as an ethicist, Blair completed a Post Graduate and Senior Post Graduate Clinical, Organizational and Research Ethics fellowships through the Joint Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto. Prior to ethics, he worked in the hospice and end-of-life field as a case manager and program developer for 8 years.


Research Synopsis

Research interest pertain to empirical research into areas of bioethics, end-of-life, research ethics.

Publications and Awards

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

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Journal Special Issue Editor

[Senior Editor] Henry B, Agarwal A , Niss R. Cannabis: A Public Health Perspective. Currently in review 2018.


[Editor] Blair Henry, Arnav Agarwal, Edward Chow, Hatim A. Omar, and Joav Merrick. Cannabis: Medical Aspects. Series: Health and Human Development . Nova Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-53610-510-0

[Editor] Blair Henry, Arnav Agarwal, Edward Chow, Hatim A. Omar, and Joav Merrick. Palliative Care: Psychosocial and Ethical Considerations. Series: Health and Human Development. Pub. Date: 2017 - 1st Quarter ISBN: 978-1-53610-607-7

Book Chapters

Henry, B. [FA] Chapter x. Communications in palliative and end-of-life care. In: Handbook of Nutrition and Diet in Palliative Care, 2nd Edition, Ed. Victor Preedy. 2018. Taylor and Francis.

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Henry, B. [FA] “ Clinical trial data: Ethical considerations in the face of technological advances.” Chapter 4 in ‘Advances in collating and using trial data’. Future Science Group. 2014: pgs. 3-14.

Honours and Awards

2014    Best Educational Rounds 2013-2014 Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Sunnybrook Health Sciences: Assisted dying- what psychiatrist need to know. Co-presented B Henry, M. Branigan, C.Cohen .

2014    Best Poster, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Annual Conference April 27-29, 2014 Richmond Hill Ontario. [Poster- Palliative Sedation Therapy: A systematic review of the literature on the attitudes and perceptions of health care providers. B Henry, J Flanagan, A Kim, P Mazzotta.]