Paul Krueger BSc, MHSc, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor
Dr. Paul Kreuger
Central DFCM
500 University Ave.
5th Floor
Toronto, ON, M5G 1V7
Graduate Students
Research Interests
Health Services Research, Primary Health Care Research, Public Health, Aging Research, Maternal and Child Health Research, Long-Term Care Research, Palliative Care, Critical Appraisal, Survey Methods, Questionnaire Design, Observational, Analytical Research Methods, Data Analysis, Mixed Methods, Systematic Reviews

With the DFCM since 2009 

DFCM Associate Professor
Associate Director, Research Program

Affiliations: Cross-Appointment with the Epidemiology Division, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Degrees: University of Waterloo BSc; University of Toronto MHSc; University of Waterloo MSc; University of Toronto PhD 


Research Synopsis

Dr. Krueger's interests include primary health care research, health services research, public health research and survey methods. Example research projects include, maternal and child health, relocation into long-term care, pneumonia in older adults, care of the seriously ill in the community, caregiver respite, health care needs of older adults, risk factors for falls, elder abuse, caregiver/resident satisfaction, and quality of work life.


2016-2021: Manca D, Grunfeld E, Aubrey-Bassler K, Campbell-Scherer D, She-Budgell M, Krueger P, et al. Building on Existing Tools to Improve Cancer and Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening in Primary Care for Wellness of Cancer Survivors and Patients: The BETTER WISE Project. Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund $2,705,822.

2013-2018: Grunfeld E, Carroll J, Heisey R, Husain A, Krueger P, Lofters A, Manca D, Maxted J, Moineddin R, O'Brien M, et al. Improving community-based cancer care along the continuum of care (Can-IMPACT). CIHR Community-Based Primary Health Care Team Grant $2,468,000.

2009-2012: Grunfeld E, Manca D, Krueger P et al. Building on existing tools to improve chronic disease prevention in family practice: The BETTER Coalition. Canadian Partnership Against Cancer $2,492,000.

2005-2009: Sword W, Farene D, Krueger P, Kurtz Landy C, Thabane L, Watt S. Postpartum outcomes and service use: does delivery method matter? CIHR $620,545.

2004-2007: Krueger P, Bedard M, Dalby D, Papaioannou A, Ploeg J, Lohfeld L, Brazil K. Relocation into long-term care: understanding the trajectory, process, needs, lived experiences, impact and outcomes of relocation on older adults and their family caregivers. CIHR $477,312.

2002-2005: Krueger P, Abernathy T, Brazil K, Lewis D, Loeb M, Lohfeld L. Community acquired pneumonia impact study. CIHR $234,428.

2002-2005: Loeb M, Marrie T, Aain A, Hanning R, Jerrett M, Krueger P, Lewis D, Nicolle L, Simor A. Broader determinants of health and older adults seen in the ER for community acquired pneumonia. CIHR $503,998.

2002-2005: Loeb M, Brazil K, Krueger P, Lohfeld L, Marrie T, McGeer A, Oh P, Simor A, Walter S. Optimizing care for nursing home acquired pneumonia using a clinical pathway.  CIHR $294,578.

2001-2003: Sword W, Watt S, Krueger P, Robert J, Gafni A, Lee K, Sheehan D, McDonald H, Smith P. Maternal and Newborn Infant Outcomes and Community-Based Service Utilization Following Policy Changes. CIHR $264,379.

2000-2003: Lohfeld L, Bang D, Brazil K, Chan D, Krueger P, Patterson C, Ploeg J. The Hamilton Caregiver Respite and Support Project. J.W. McConnell Family Foundation $233,428.

1999-2002: Brazil K, Abernathy T, Bedard M, Jadad A, Krueger P, Lohfeld L, Willison K, Critchley P. Caring for the Seriously Ill: Implications for Service Planning and Delivery.  Canadian Health Services Research Foundation and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care $346,991.

1998-2000: Sword W, Watt S, Gafni A, James M, Krueger P, Lee K, Roberts J, Sheehan D. Postpartum Health Outcomes and Service Utilization for Ontario Women and Infants Following In-Hospital Delivery and Short Stay Hospital Delivery. Canadian Health Services Research Foundation $110,800.

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

Al-Imari L, Hum S, Krueger P, Dunn S. Breastfeeding during family medicine residency. Family Medicine. 2019;51(7):587-92.

Iglar K, Murdoch S, Meany C, Krueger P. Does clinical exposure matter? Pilot assessment of patient visits in an urban family medicine residency program. Canadian Family Physician. 2018; 64:e42-e48.

Krueger P, White D, Meaney C, Kwong J, Antao Viola, Kim F. Predictors of job satisfaction among academic family medicine faculty: findings from a Canadian faculty work life and leadership survey. Canadian Family Physician. 2017;63(3):e177-e185.

Stubbs B, Krueger P, White D, Meaney C, Kwong J, Antao V. Mentorship perceptions and experiences among academic family medicine faculty: findings from a quantitative comprehensive work life and leadership survey. Canadian Family Physician. 2016;62(9):e531-e539.

White D, Krueger P, Meaney C, Antao Viola, Kim F, Kwong J. Identifying potential academic leaders: predictors of willingness to undertake leadership roles in an academic department of family medicine. Canadian Family Physician. 2016;62:e102-9.

Myers J, Krueger P, Webster F, Downar J, Herx L, Jeney C, Oneschcuk D, Schroder C, Sirianni G, Seccareccia D, Tucker T, Taniguchi A. Development and validation of a set of palliative medicine entrustable professional activities (EPAs): findings from a mixed methods study. Journal of Palliative Medicine. 2015;18(8):682-90.

Webster F, Krueger P, MacDonald H, Archibald D, Telner D, Bytautas J, Whitehead C. A scoping review of medical education research in family medicine. BMC Medical Education. 2015;15:79

Antao V, Beber S, Telner D, Meaney C, Peranson J, Meuser J, Krueger P. Are non-physician health care providers prepared and supported to teach in family medicine? Family Medicine. 2015;47(3)187-93.

Grunfeld E, Manca D, Moineddin R, Thorpe K, Hoch J, Campbell-Scherer D, Meaney C, Rogers J, Beca J, Krueger P, Mamdani M. Improving chronic disease prevention and screening in primary care: results of the BETTER pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial. BMC Family Practice. 2013;14:175.

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Krueger P, Loeb M, Kelly C, Edward G. Assessing, treating and preventing community acquired pneumonia in older adults: findings from a survey of emergency room and family physicians. BMC Family Practice 2005, 6:32.

Krueger P, Brazil K, Lohfeld L, Edward G, Lewis D, Tjam E. Organization specific predictors of job satisfaction: Findings from a Canadian multi-site quality of work life cross-sectional survey. BMC Health Services Research 2002;2(1):6.

Krueger P, Brazil K, Lohfeld L. Risk factors for falls and injuries in a long-term care facility in Ontario. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2001;92(2)117-120.

Elliott S, Cole D, Krueger P, Voorberg N, Wakefield S. The power of perception: Health risk attributed to air pollution in an urban industrial neighbourhood. Risk Assessment 1999;19(4):621-634.

Krueger P and Patterson C.  Detecting and managing elder abuse: Challenges in primary care. Canadian Medical Association Journal 1997;157:1095-1100.

Honours and Awards

2018: Award of Excellence (Research Award), “Outstanding Contribution to Family Medicine Research”, Department of Family & Community Medicine, UofT.

2013: Recognition of Excellence, Section of Researchers, Family Medicine Forum (FMF) Research Day Poster. Awarded to Felman K, Krueger P, Meaney C, Goldstein S, Nutik M, Lee L, Freeman R for Preclerkship Family Medicine Clinician Experience: Is it making a difference?

2013: Award for Excellence in Research in Professional Development by the Professional Development Program, Department of Family & Community Medicine, UofT.

2012: Award for Excellence in Research in Professional Development by the Professional Development Program, Department of Family & Community Medicine, UofT.