Continuing Education

Our Programs

  • Academic Fellowship Program
    Prepare prospective faculty, entry level faculty as well as experienced health professionals to become more effective and scholarly leaders of family medicine and primary care
  • Medical Education Fellowship
    Give new or established faculty the opportunity to develop skills to teach, design and evaluate education programs and do scholarly work in clinical education
  • Clinical Teacher Certificate
    Advanced training in health professions education for health professionals who want to increase their teaching, education and scholarly effectiveness
  • Clinical Research Certificate
    Enhanced training in research methods for health professionals who want to improve their ability to effectively use and collaborate in research
  • INTAPT: Interprofessional Applied Practical Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions
    Provides background theory and practical skills in teaching and education of health professionals. Covers a range of topics from teaching small groups to curriculum design and education scholarship
  • Individual Courses
    DFCM has an interesting selection of CE courses covering a variety of issues relevant to practicing health professionals. Each course is designed to meet the Faculty of Medicine "Certificate of Completion" requirements:
    • 40 hours of face-to-face classroom time
    • Two pieces of graded homework
    • Pass / fail assessment of work (pass = 50% or better)

Program Information

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