Clinical Research Certificate

The Clinical Research Certificate program’s goal is to provide enhanced training in research methods for DFCM and other faculty members, postgraduate family medicine residents, international fellows and community-based health care professionals who want to improve their ability to effectively use and collaborate in research.

Completion of the certificate will significantly enhance your ability to understand, effectively use, engage in and collaborate in research. It is not intended as a substitute for a research-based graduate degree, nor is it intended to lead to independent research projects (i.e., to take on a Principal Investigator role on large projects).

Program Objectives

After completing this certificate program, students will be better able to:

  • Understand the differences between quantitative and qualitative research
  • Understand the various quantitative research designs and qualitative traditions
  • Develop meaningful quantitative and qualitative research questions
  • Understand quantitative and qualitative data collection procedures
  • Understand the approaches taken to quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Critically appraise the quality of quantitative and qualitative research
  • Contribute to writing grant proposals and research ethics board applications
  • Write a research report

Target Audience

Clinicians seeking greater expertise and confidence in the use of research in their practice

Applicants must be health care professionals licensed and in active practice in their country of primary residence

Program Length

This program can be completed within 8-12 months. Learners have up to six years to finish the program requirements


A Certificate of Completion will be issued by the Office of Continuing Professional Development to participants who satisfactorily complete the program

Learners are evaluated on each component on a pass / fail basis. There is no terminal examination or thesis. All components must be passed


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Program Requirements

Required Course

The required course provides an introduction to research methods.

  • FD05: Research Issues in Family Medicine and Primary Care

Required Practicum

The practicum provides an opportunity for reflective hands-on practice of knowledge and skills in clinical research.

  • FD91: Clinical Research Practicum

Two Elective Courses

The elective courses allow students to learn more about a relevant topic of clinical research.

Choose two from the following list:

  • FD01: Appraising and Applying Evidence to Assist Clinical Decision-Making (online course)
  • FD13: Leading Improvement in the Quality of Health Care for Community Populations
  • FD16: Applied Survey Methods for Health Care Professionals
  • Pilot 2: Using data to improve individual health, practice performance and understand social determinants


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