Enhanced Skills Program: Education Scholarship Rotations

1. Introduction to Education Research (Theory, Methodology, and Practice)

In this longitudinal 12 month rotation, the learner will:

  1. Develop research skills foundational to medical education by enrolling in (and successfully completing) two master’s level research courses, one qualitative and the other quantitative. 
  2. As part of enrollment in an appropriate master’s degree, take additional relevant courses.
  3. Participate in a set of activities designed to engage them in medical education communities of practice such as rounds, journal club, seminars (e.g. at CACE, Wilson Centre)
  4. Conduct an independent research project (with supervision).
  5. Participate as a member of a large medical education research project led by an education scientist.

Competencies for this rotation: Scholar, Communicator, Collaborator


2. Mentorship and Leadership in Education

In this longitudinal 12 month rotation the learner will:

  1. Receive regular mentoring from both Clinical Supervisor and Faculty Supervisor on academic and clinical leadership.
  2. Participate in relevant education committees (including OES meetings).
  3. Participate as a member of the DFCM planning committee for the Annual Conference, including taking a leadership role as a presenter or session moderator.

Competencies for this rotation: Professional, Leader, Scholar


3. Clinical Skills in Family Medicine

In this longitudinal rotation (2 half-day clinics per week) the learner will:

  1. Maintain and foster all key and enabling competencies in Family Medicine as set out by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  2. Engage in a part-time Junior Faculty position (.2 FTE) in academic teaching unit providing patient care, committee work, active teaching role.

Competencies for this rotation: Medical Expert, Health Advocate, Professional


4. Teaching Skills

In this longitudinal 2 month rotation the learner will:

  1. Engage in teaching activities (eg supervising clinical clerks on family medicine block, teaching in specific UME courses such as ASCM, Portfolio or others, co-teaching or co-facilitating OES/DFCM education sessions) with feedback on teaching from supervisors.

Competencies for this rotation: Medical Expert, Communicator, Professional, Health Advocate


5. Administration in Education

In this longitudinal 4 month rotation the learner will:

  1. Participate in committees and OES activities to become part of the DFCM education community.
  1. Lead specific education activities (eg workshop, rounds, journal club to foster and build educational administrative expertise.
  2. Engage in administrative education activities beyond the DFCM (eg at the Faculty of Medicine, TAHSN) to develop knowledge about navigating the education structures and systems.

Competencies for this rotation: Leader, Health Advocate, Collaborator


6. Writing and Presentation Skills

In this longitudinal 4 month rotation the learner will:

  1. Read around abstract and poster preparation, presentation skills and writing for publication.
  1. Present the independent research project conducted in this program at the next DFCM Conference, and prepare an abstract for submission to the Wilson Centre Research Day, Family Medicine Forum Conference, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine conference, or Canadian Conference on Medical Education.

Competencies for this rotation: Scholar, Communicator