Multimodal Learning in Emergency Medicine through Podcasts

    What are the key time-sensitive treatments for life-threatening hyperkalemia? Leading experts have the answer on EM Cases, an educational podcast which covers “all that is” emergency medicine.
Mar 6 / 2018

Dr. Kenneth Yakubu from Nigeria shares his experiences in the Toronto International Program to Strengthen Family Medicine and Primary Care

Dr. Kenneth Yakubu, from Nigeria, reflects on his experience in the DFCM's TIP-FM Program
Feb 27 / 2018

Marketing Techniques Could be Used in Health Screening, Researchers Claim

  Could family doctors use “association rule mining” to improve health outcomes? They could if they were “nudged”.
Feb 13 / 2018

Lawmakers Have Role to Play in Pharmacare Debate Says Commentary

Could lawmakers’ access to publicly-funded medication coverage influence their public policy decisions about a fully government-subsidized pharmacare program? Some say yes.
Feb 6 / 2018
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