How primary care is a prescription for healing hallway medicine

By: Dr. Andrew Boozary, Dr. Michael Kidd and Dr. Aisha Lofters Medicine’s history is tied to the pursuit of a fix. If someone is ailing, they may seek to feel better, but almost always prefer a cure. And maybe now, more than ever, we all expect that cure to happen immediately.
Mar 27 / 2019

Medical Student Leadership in Family Medicine Research

Family medicine and primary care form the foundation of our health care system in Canada, and research in family medicine is crucial to improving the health of our population. At the University of Toronto, medical students are taking a keen interest in conducting research in family medicine. A number of family medicine research projects were on display at this year’s Medical Student Research Day held in February 2019.
Mar 26 / 2019

Dear Silo Buster: What Are We Learning from Practice-Based Research?

Silo Buster is an occasional feature highlighting people, places and projects crossing U of T Med domains and disciplines to advance collaboration, research and impact. Send your story ideas to
Feb 28 / 2019
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