Dr. Bjug Borgundvaag

    • With the DFCM since 1992
    • DFCM Assistant Professor and Clinician Investigator 
    • Affiliations: Assistant Director of Research, Division of Emergency Services at Mount Sinai Hospital;
    • Degrees: University of Toronto MD,CCFP-EM; University of Toronto PhD
  • Selected Research Project(s)

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  • Office Address & Contact

    • Mt. Sinai Hospital
      Rm 206, Div of Emergency Service
      600 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1X5
    • 416-586-4800 ext 2144

      Fax: 416-586-4719

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    Research Interests

    • * Research in emergency medicine
    • * Cardiology emergency medicine

    Dr. Bjug Borgundvaag research interests include studies related to the diagnosis and management of non STelevation acute coronary syndromes in the ED, treatment of ST-elevation MI, the clinical utility of cardiac monitoring for the detection of dangerous arrhythmias in the ED, the ED management of alcohol related problems, mandatory reporting of gunshot wounds to the police, ED management of asthma and COPD, and ED management of emerging infectious diseases.