Department of Family & Community Medicine

About the Research and Advocacy Program

DFCM’s Research Program was established in 1995 to create a critical mass of Family Medicine researchers; provide faculty with protected research time; develop research excellence and productivity; and build an infrastructure to support research. Our program includes:

  • An Research Investigator Awards Program that includes funding for Clinician Scientists, Clinician Investigators, New Investigators, and Graduate Research Studies;
  • Research mentorship opportunities;
  • A range of resources and services including, grant application preparation/submission, grant budget preparation/administration, biostatistical/methodological support, and an internal voluntary grant application review process, and Qualtrics survey software;
  • DFCM’s Practice-Based Research Network, UTOPIAN: a platform on which DFCM faculty and its learners from all sites can become involved in clinically important research that will have direct impact on the care of their patients.


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Dr. Eva Grunfeld Vice-Chair, Research and Advocacy 416-978-7738 352
Dr. Paul Krueger Associate Program Director 416-978-7969 360
Dr. Rahim Moineddin Senior Biostatistician 416-946-5860 358
Dr. Mary Ann O'Brien KT-Net Project Scientist 416-978-7994 356
Dr. Michelle Greiver UTOPIAN Director

416-978-5113 (DFCM)

416-756-648 (NYGH)



Julia Baxter Coordinator, Research and Advocacy 416-978-7951 354
Holly Downey Administrator, Research and Advocacy 416-946-5352 347
Bojana Petrovic CanImpact Research Associate 416-978-7518 350
Chris Meaney Biostatistician 416-978-5602 346
Ivanka Pribramska UTOPIAN Research Administrator 416-978-7017 344 (Tue & Thu)
Kwame Diko UTOPIAN Administrative Assistant 416-978-7017 344 (Tue & Thu)
Saddaf Syed

UTOPIAN Practice Coordinator (on secondment)

Rabiya Siddiqui Research Officer, PCORI (on Maternity
Leave, contact Marjan Moineddin)


Marjan Moeinedin Research Officer, PCORI 419-978-7017 373
Babak Aliarzadeh UTOPIAN Data Analytics Manager    
Sumeet Kalia UTOPIAN Data Analyst   345
Aashka Bhatt Research Officer, Diabetes Action Canada 416-946-0378 344