Amna Husain MD,MPH
Associate Professor
DFCM - Division of Palliative Care
Sinai Health System
Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care, Mount Sinai Hospital
60 Murray St, 4th floor, Box 13
Toronto, ON, M5T 3L9
Graduate Students
Postdoctoral Fellows
Research Interests
Health Informatics, Health Service Delivery, Palliative Care, Quality Improvement, Quality of Life/Satisfaction, Mixed Methods, Survey Methods, Quantitative Data Analysis, Cancer Care, Chronic Diseases, Observational Studies

Current Appointments
2011 Dec - present    Associate Member, Institute of Medical Science, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
2011 Jul 1 - present    Associate Professor, Full-time, Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto
2010 Jul 7 - present    Associate Professor (Status Only), Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto
2003 - present    Research Leader, Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
1999 - present    Associate Staff, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

2003    MPH, School of Public Health, Harvard University
1987    MD, First Class Honors and Distinction, University of Alberta
1985    BMSc, University of Alberta


Research Synopsis

Applied research in models of collaborative care and developing innovations to enable coordinated and collaborative care.


2016 Aug - 2019 Aug    Co-Principal Investigator. Building effective teams: the implementation of a web-based clinical collaboration system. Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI). Innovation to Impact Grant. PI: Husain, Amna; Barwick, Melanie. Collaborator(s): Bezjak, Andrea; Cafazzo, Joseph; Cohen, Eyal; Goldman, Russell; Jamieson, Trevor; Krsysanowski, Monika; Loganathan, Mayura; Rapoport, Adam; Selby, Peter; Stinson, Jennifer. 450,000 CAD. [Grants]

2015 - 2018    Co-Investigator. Comparison of Outcomes and Access to Care for Heart Failure (COACH) Trial. Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU). IMPACT Award. PI: Lee, Douglas; Farkouh, Michael; Tu, Jack. Collaborator(s): Austin, Peter; Ross, Heather; Logan, Alexander; Tu, Karen; Pariser, Pauline; Petrella, Rob; Husain, Amna; Steinberg, Leah; Straus, Sharon; Cram, Peter; Sulway, Christopher; Wijeysundera, Harindra; Udell, Jay; Laupacis, Andreas; Mak, Susanna; Smith, Stuart; Costa, Atilio; Hartleib, Michael; Mitoff, Peter; Bhargava, Rakesh; Tobe, Sheldon; Liu, Peter; Stewart, Duncan. 1,750,000 CAD. [Grants]

2014 Apr - 2016 Mar    Co-Investigator. Ambulatory Toxicity Management. Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. PI: Krzyzanowska, Monika; Grunfeld, Eva. Collaborator(s): Enright, Katherine; Levine, Mark; Trudeau, Maureen; Mittman, Nicole; Husain, Amna; Howell, Doris; Julian, Jim; Moineddin, Rahim; Earle, Craig. 757,500 CAD. [Grants]

2014 Apr - 2016 Mar    Co-Investigator. Improving the Management of Pain in Cancer Patients in Ontario. Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. Health Services Research Program. PI: Barbera, Lisa. Collaborator(s): Atzema, Clare; DeAngelis, Carlo; Dudgeon, Debora; Earle, Craig; Howell, Doris; Husain, Amna; Seow, Hsien; Sutradhar, Rinku; Sussman, Jonathan. 446,172.7 CAD. [Grants]

2014 - 2017    Co-Investigator. Enhancing the Quality of Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Children with Cancer. Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. PI: Widger, Kim; Rapoport, Adam. Collaborator(s): Bouffet, E; Friedrichsdorf, S; Greenberg. A; Husain, A; Liben, S; Poole, J; Siden, H; Whitlock, J; Wolfe, J. 984,264. [Grants]

2013 Jun - 2015 May    Principal Investigator. Pilot Randomized Control Trial of an Online Communication Tool for Collaborative Care in Complex Patients. AHSC AFP MSH-UHN. Innovation Fund. Collaborator(s): Stinson, Jennifer; Rapoport, Adam; Cohen, Eyal; Jamieson, Trevor; Cafazzo, Joseph; Grunfeld, Eva; Bezjak, Andrea; Goldman, Russell; Sawka, Carol; Guerriere, Denise. 199,974 CAD. [Grants]

2013 Jun - 2015 May    Co-Principal Investigator. Implementation and Evaluation of an Advanced Heart Failure Collaborative (HeartFull) Model of Longitudinal Care. AHSC AFP MSH-UHN. Innovation Fund. PI: Steinberg, Leah; Husain, Amna; Mak, Susanna. Collaborator(s): Goldman, Russell; Arvanitis, Jennifer; Marshall, Denise; Purbhoo, Dipti; Ashford, Yvonne; Guerriere, Denise; Leong-Poi, Howard; Tannenbaum, David; Talbot, Yves. 199,930 CAD. [Grants]

2013 Apr - 2018 Mar    Co-Investigator. Canadian Team to Improve Community-Based Cancer Care Along the Continuum (CanIMPACT). Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Team Grant. 128272. PI: Grunfeld, Eva. Collaborator(s): Buchman, Sandy; Fitch, Margaret; Gilbert, Julie; Kerner, Jon; Meuser, James; Sawka, Carol; Turner, Donna; Walks, Fiona; Aubin, Michele; Brouwers, Melissa; Carroll, June; Earle, Craig; Eisenhauer, Elizabeth; Fillion, Lise; Groome, Patti; Heisey, Ruth; Husain, Amna; Jones, Jennifer; Kreuger, Paul; Krsysanowska, Monika; Lofters, Aisha; Manca, Donna; Maxted, John; McBride, Mary; Miedema, Baukje; Miller, Fiona; Mittmann, Nicole; Moineddin, Rahim. 2,476,364 CAD. [Grants]

2013 Apr - 2014 Mar    Co-Principal Investigator. My Team of Care - Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer (myTOC-AYAC): Development and Usability Testing of an Online Communication Tool for Collaborative Care in AYAC. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Catalyst Grant. PI: Stinson, Jennifer; Husain, Amna. Collaborator(s): Cafazzo, Joseph; D’agostino, Norma; Gupta, Abha; Hodgson, David; Jamieson, Trevor; Lee Chong, Amy; Nathan, Paul. 99,957 CAD. [Grants]

2013 Mar - 2016 Mar    Co-Investigator. Predictors of Family Caregiver Labour Force Participation and Quality of Life Across the Home-Based Palliative Care Trajectory. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Operating Grant. PI: Guerriere, Denise; Coyte, Peter. Collaborator(s): Husain, Amna; Marshall, Denise; Purbhoo, Dipti. 115,165 CAD. [Grants]

2012 Jul - 2014 Jun    Principal Investigator. Online Communication Tool for Collaborative Patient Care in Cancer. Canadian Cancer Society. The Ramona Rull Karson Innovation Grant. Grant # 2012-701156. Collaborator(s): Jamieson,Trevor; Cafazzo, Joseph; Bezjak, Andrea; Sawka, Carol; Goldman, Russell; Stinson, Jennifer. 197,750 CAD. [Grants]

2012 Jul - 2013 Jun    Co-Principal Investigator. Democratizing Communication in Health Care: Development and Usability Testing of an Online Communication Tool for Collaborative Care in Complex (Pediatric) Patients. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Pfizer Operating Grant in Disease Prevention and Management. PI: Husain, Amna; Cohen, Eyal. Collaborator(s): Cafazzo, Joseph; Eaton Russell, Ceilidh; Goldman, Russell; Jamieson, Trevor; Rapoport, Adam; Stinson, Jennifer. 200,000 CAD. [Grants]

2011 Jul - 2012 Jun    Co-Principal Investigator. Development and Evaluation of a Clinical Messaging System for Interprofessional Team-Based Care in the Outpatient Setting. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Building Bridges to Integrate Care Project (BRIDGES). PI: Husain, Amna; Wu, Rob; Jamieson, Trevor; Dhalla, I. Collaborator(s): Morra, Dante; O’Brien, Tara; Wong, Brian; Frost, David; Lee, Lydia; Cafazzo, Joseph; Martin-Ronson, Nancy; Quan, Sherman; Stinson, Jennifer. 201,377.42 CAD. [Grants]

2010 Jul - 2014 Jun    Co-Investigator. Patient and Provider Reported Outcomes in Cancer Patients in Ontario. Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. PI: Barbera, Lisa. Collaborator(s): Howell, Doris; Seow, Hsien; Husain, Amna; Sussman, Jonathan; Atzema, Clare, Earle, Craig; Dudgeon Deb, King Susan. 234,465 CAD. [Grants]

2010 Jul - 2013 Jun    Co-Principal Investigator. Predictors of Place of Death and Family Caregiver Burden Across the Home-Based Palliative Care Trajectory. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). PHSI competition. PI: Coyte, Peter; Guerriere, Denise; Husain, Amna; Collaborator(s): Marshall, Denise; Nauenberg, Eric; Brazil, Kevin; Seow, Hsien; Darnay, Julie. 349,885 CAD. [Grants]

Publications and Awards

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Recent Publications

Steinberg L, White M, Arvanitis J, Husain A, Mak S. Palliative care for your patient with advanced and end stage heart failure. Canadian Family Physician. 2016 Sep. In Press. 

Widger K, Friedrichsdorf S, Wolfe J, Liben S, Pole JD, Bouffet E, Greenberg M, Husain A, Siden H, Whitloc, JA, Rapoport A. Protocol: Evaluating the impact of a nationwide train-the-trainer educational initiative to enhance the quality of palliative care for children with cancer. BMC Palliative Care. 2016;15(12):1-9. 

Kurahashi A, Weinstein P, Jamieson T, Stinson J, Cafazzo J, Lokuge B, Morita P, Cohen E, Rapoport A, Bezjak A, Husain A. In the Loop: The organization of team-based communication in a Patient Centred Clinical Collaboration System. Journal of Medical and Internet Research. 2016;3(1):e12. 

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Seow H, Brazil K, Susman J, Pereira J, Marshall D, Austin PC, Husain A, Rangrej J, Barbera L. Impact of community based, specialist palliative care teams on hospitalisations and emergency department visits late in life and hospital deaths: a pooled analysis. BMJ. 2014 Jun 6;348:3496. 

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