Assessment and Evaluation Issues in Health Practitioner Field-based Education



To develop consultant skills related to the assessment systems and tools, curriculum tools, and program evaluation for Health Practitioner Field-based Education using best practices and best evidence in:

  • Assessment of learners
  • Development and monitoring of assessment and curriculum planning tools
  • Development and monitoring of assessment systems

Students will undertake projects exploring topical issues in the assessment as well as developing assessment instruments such as examinations, in-training evaluation reports, and simulations. These projects will include class presentations as well as final written reports.


  1. Describe, develop, analyze, and evaluate learner assessment in health practitioner field-based education
  2. Describe practices related to underperformance and remediation of learners and provide recommendations for improving performance
  3. Recognize practices related to developing effective feedback systems
  4. Design and develop a functional assessment or evaluation tool for use in health practitioner field-based education
  5. Design and develop an assessment system for health practitioner field-based education
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of connections between assessments, curriculum mapping, and program evaluation in health practitioner field-based education

Format: Lecture / Seminar


Class Participation: 15%
Group Project: 40%
Assessment Instruments–Development and Analysis: 45%

Glover Takahashi S, Abbott C, Oswald A, Frank JR. CanMeds Teaching and Assessment Tools Guide. Ottawa: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada; 2015.
Additional required and supplementary readings will be provided by the faculty.



CHL5614H or FD14.