Department of Family & Community Medicine

Curriculum Foundations in Health Practitioner Field-based Education


Goal: To develop consultant skills related to the analysis and development of curriculum for Health Practitioner Field-based Education using a best practices and best evidence.


  1. To understand key curriculum theories and curriculum models, including workplace learning, for Health Practitioner Field-based Education.
  2. To analyze curriculum problems and issues using the curriculum commonplaces of learner, teacher, subject matter/content and milieu/context.
  3. To employ the curricular commonplaces in the development of a sample curriculum for Health Practitioner Field-based Education.

Format: Lecture / Seminar


Class participation: 10%

Group project

  • Presentation: 20%
  • Written report: 20%

Curricular Consultation

  • Abstract: 10%
  • Presentation: 20%
  • Report: 20%

Reading(s): As assigned


Tel: 416.978.8363


Participants must be licensed in a recognized health profession or a senior trainee therein.