Faculty Development in the Health Professions 1



This course is an introduction to the field and practice of Faculty Development.

There will be four areas of focus:

  1. The background and development of the field, drawing from higher education and informed by the research literature in this field
  2. The scope and practice of faculty development
  3. Underlying theories and fundamentals of practice, and
  4. Contemporary issues and emerging innovations

Participants will be engaged in a variety of interactive learning activities that will build on their prior learning and experiences as health professionals working in academic contexts. Course curriculum will model best practices in faculty development.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe fundamental principles and core concepts of faculty development
  2. Identify the scope of faculty development within the academic health professional context
  3. Apply theories and core concepts of faculty development to health professions education
  4. Identify and discuss contemporary issues and emerging innovations in faculty development

Format: Lecture / Seminar


5 reflective papers on each week’s pre-reading: 25%
In class group presentation: 25%
Class participation: 10%
Final paper: 40%

Articles as assigned and required textbook: Steinert Y. (2014). Faculty Development in the Health Professions: A Focus on Research
and Practice. New York, NY: Springer.

Email: familymed.grad@utoronto.ca
Tel: 416.978.8363


CHL5607H and CHL5608H or FD07 and FD08 (or equivalent professional experience on approval from course directors).