The Theory and Application of Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Patient-Centred Practice


This course aims to develop leaders in interprofessional education (IPE) who have the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes to teach learners and colleagues the art and science of working collaboratively to promote relational-centered care. The course is strategically designed to provide an immersion experience that allows an understanding of the constructs related to interprofessional collaboration including power and hierarchy, dealing with conflict, communication, professional role understanding, relational-centred values and ethics and transformational change. Through interactive teaching methods, this course honours adult learning principles integrating theory into application through numerous small group activities, such as practicing facilitation skills. By the end of the course, participants will have a curriculum framework developed on an IPE/ interprofessional collaboration (IPC) educational project designed to ensure demonstration of their learned knowledge and readiness to teach others as leaders in interprofessional education.


  1. Recognize and teach the importance of professional role understanding as an essential component for collaborative practice;
  2. Experience and teach ways of effective communication and the role of reflection in health care teams;
  3. Practice skills in facilitating interprofessional teams particularly within an educational context;
  4. Acknowledge professional attitudes and cultural values and recognize their impact in the educational context;
  5. Understand and develop an initiative to teach how interprofessional collaboration is used to enhance relational-centered care;
  6. Learn ways of evaluating the role of collaborator in educational contexts;
  7. Define the current challenges facing educational leaders in moving IPE experiences forward at an institutional level and analyze these using an organizational framework.

Format: Five-day intensive course

Evaluation: Pre-course reflection essay 10% Curriculum development poster 20% Group presentation 20% Educational curriculum report with Self-Reflection 50%

Reading(s): As assigned

Contact: Email: Tel: 416.978.8363

Instructor(s): Susan Wagner


Participants must be licensed in a recognized health profession or a senior trainee therein