Dr. Carrie Bernard

Please list your past and current roles at the DFCM. 

Resident 1997-1999 Fellow 1999 lecturer 2001-2010 2013-2017 assistant professor 2017-present. Teaching practice supervisor 2004-2010 2014-present FMLE supervisor 2013-present. Associate Program Director, Curriculum and Remediation January 2014-present

What do you think the DFCM's greatest achievements have been over the past 50 years?

  1. Being one of the first Universities to take teaching to community based sites (NYGH, TEGH).
  2. Developing the competency based curriculum before there was even CanMEDS FM
  3. RESPRO-being able to track the patients our residents see

In your opinion, what event, project, or initiative that you were involved in had the most impact?

Our ethics curriculum pilot project: This project brought together teachers, content experts, community leaders, learners, and academics to address a problem that was identified IN the community BY the community. With the support of the Chair and the OES we were able to work together to learn about the issues and come up with a way to address the issues in a scholarly manner. This project demonstrated how community needs can be addressed by the local Family Medicine Department when there is support from the top. The $79,500 would not have been possible without the mentorship and support of the OES and Risa Freeman. She brought together learners, administrators, teachers, and education scientists and showed us all how to work together to address a need that OUR community identified. THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE!!!