Department of Family & Community Medicine

Enhanced Skills Program FAQs


1. How may I submit my application?
For all programs, all applications must be submitted through our online application system with the exception of Emergency Medicine. All applications to PGY3 Emergency Medicine program must be submitted through CaRMS.

The link to the online application form can be found at the bottom of each program description page.

2. I am applying to more than one program. Am I required to submit an application to each program I am applying to?
Yes, applicants are required to submit a complete application to each program they are applying to as each program has its own reviewing committee. The letter of intent must be written to the specific program of application.

3. Can references be submitted via email?
No, references are to be submitted to the online application system. Referees will receive a link via email to submit their reference once an application is submitted and a confirmation receipt has been sent to the applicant. Referees have one (1) week to submit references. 

Important note: To avoid delays, applicants must provide their references' first name and last name. Please do not add titles (e.g. Dr., Mr.) or use nicknames, middle names etc. Please also check spelling and email validity. 

4. Can the reference from the program director come from the program site director instead?
Yes, this reference can come from either your Family Medicine Residency Program Director ot your Site Director. 

5. How will I know my application was received?
Each applicant will receive an email confirmation from the online application system upon validation by the Enhanced Skills Administration office. This email will contain your application ID (e.g. 2018_599). Please keep this number in your records as it will be required to accept or decline an offer.

6. I am currently enrolled as a PGY3 in one of the programs. Am I eligible to apply to another Enhanced Skills program as a PGY3?
While in a PGY3 program, a resident cannot apply to another Enhanced Skills program. Please refer to eligibility requirements here

7. I am an IMG in Cohort 2 in a Canadian Family Medicine Residency Program. Can I apply to an Enhanced Skills program even though I am off-cycle and if so, when do I apply?
Yes, in order to be eligible, you must apply during the fall of your PGY2 year in a Canadian Family Medicine Residency Program and indicate on your application your expected residency program completion date. You must begin your PGY3 year within 12 months of completing your PGY2 year. However, it is up to the individual program director to accept or refuse an applicant, if a late start cannot be accommodated due to program capacity and scheduling factors.



8. Am I required to complete an elective within the area of the Enhanced Skills program I am applying to?
Most our programs require electives in that specific area, but not all. Therefore it is recommended that applicants inquire with each program director regarding electives.

Re-Entry Applicants

9. I am a current practicing family physician who will be applying for re-entry funding. Should I apply to my Enhanced Skills program of interest during the regular application cycle?
You are welcome to apply to any Enhanced Skills program of interest during the regular application cycle but you must separately apply to the Ministry of Health Re-Entry Program. Please visit their webpage for more information. 



10. I have been selected for an interview. How long will the interview be and where will it take place?

Interviews can be held at programs home sites or at the Department of Family and Community Medicine and usually run for 30 minutes. Applicants selected for an interview will be given details regarding the location and length of their interview.