EXITE Summer Series: Where does our health data go? Exploring privacy, ethics and data uses - Dr. Sheryl Spithoff

Aug 11, 2021

Dr. Sheryl SpithoffJoin us this summer for our inaugural EXITE Summer Series: Technology & Health: Lessons from COVID-19.

Patient health records in Canada are regularly de-identified and collected by non-profit health organizations for research and public health surveillance. A commercial multinational data broker has also amassed over a million de-identified Canadian patient records. 

This session will explore privacy risks and ethical considerations with respect to collection and use of de-identified patient data in Canada. How can privacy loss occur? What safeguards do non-profit research networks have in place to mitigate risks? How are data collected by commercial data-brokers used? What are patient views on secondary uses of their data? How might groups that have historically faced social exclusion be affected by secondary uses of their data? 

This is the third of four sessions in the series. For more information on other sessions, visit the EXITE Summer Series page.