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EXITE (EXploring Innovative TEchnologies in Family Medicine) is a nascent innovation collaborative from the University of Toronto’s Department of Family & Community Medicine.

In light of extraordinary changes in health care, clinicians and educators are responding rapidly to find new and effective ways to support learners and patients. While new and emerging technologies present a huge opportunity, their rapid adoption also raises a challenging question: How do we educate our faculty, learners and other primary care clinicians, so they are equipped to apply and use these technologies effectively and equitably?

The goal of EXITE is to adapt, apply and develop innovative technologies for use in primary care delivery and education. Drawing on expertise from within the University of Toronto, DFCM and beyond, EXITE will promote high quality, compassionate, equitable, person-centred primary care.

EXITE will achieve this through collaboration, co-design, implementation, evaluation and knowledge sharing in areas such as:

  • Virtual Care: Exploring the best ways to facilitate equitable, person-centred care.
  • eLearning: Creating online spaces to facilitate high-quality distance and in-person teaching.
  • Digital Curriculum: Teaching clinical skills in new ways using simulations and avatars.
  • AI: Using big data to predict which patients and populations are in need of care.

By connecting experts, learners and innovative thinkers from across the Department, University and beyond, EXITE will make the best use of emerging and established technologies in family medicine education. EXITE will also build skills and capacity to integrate these technologies into education and clinical practice, and draw on data from UTOPIAN, DFCM’s Practice-Based Research Network.

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Meet the Team

Dr. Onil Bhattacharyya

Virtual Care Lead

Dr. Julia Alleyne

eLearning Lead

Dr. Azi Moaveni

Digital Curriculum Lead

Dr. Andrew Pinto

AI Lead