Holly Downey

Please list your past and current roles at the DFCM. 

Administrator, Research and Advocacy Program; 2018-present

What do you think the DFCM's greatest achievements have been over the past 50 years?

I think that DFCM's growth on a global scale has been quite remarkable. One of its greatest achievements in my opinion was being designated by the World Health Organization as the WHO Collaborating Centre on Family Medicine and Primary Care. This is the first collaborating centre of its kind in North America and should be celebrated for all of the potential global impact the department can have. I think this will lead to some inspiring research by our department, as well as many partnerships with other organizations/institutions.

In your opinion, what event, project, or initiative that you were involved in had the most impact?

We are in the midst of planning the 12th Annual Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network's (Ca-PRI) Conference. This will bring a lot of researchers, health care professionals, administrators, etc. from both North America and Europe to our university to present groundbreaking research in both cancer and primary care. The goal of the conference is to promote greater international collaboration.

Is there a meaningful anecdote that you would like to share with us about your experience as a member of DFCM?

I am new to the DFCM but since starting here this year, I have always felt part of a team. Everyone is so welcoming and eager to help out.