HPEs: Interested in Applying for Faculty Status?

The Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) recognizes the important and unique contributions of HPEs in the training of medical learners in the Family Medicine Program. The 2022-2027 Strategic Plan prioritizes interprofessionalism and team-based care, ensuring the support and representation of all faculty. To do this, DFCM facilitates Status-Only (Non-MD) Faculty appointments for eligible HPEs.

Faculty appointments enable HPEs to participate more fully in an academic unit’s teaching and/or research program. It facilitates access to professional development, departmental supports and other resources to effectively integrate and optimize your academic roles.

Some benefits of faculty appointment:

How to apply:

  • HPEs may be eligible for status only appointment if they hold full-time employment in a UofT affiliated institution (hospital, research institution or agency) with a job description that is academic in nature.
  • HPEs must demonstrate in their applications a significant, meaningful and ongoing commitment to the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) through academic contributions in the areas of Teaching, Research and Service.
  • To initiate the appointment process, applicants must meet with and be supported by the Chief of Family and Community Medicine at their site. The Faculty Development Lead at your site can also assist you with this process.

More Information:

please visit the appointments section of our website and see our DFCM Guidelines for Health Professional Educations (HPEs).


Forms, templates and more information on academic appointments can be found in Appointments, Promotions and Renewals

You can also contact Holly Downey, Academics Appointments Administrator, at dfcm.facultyappt@utoronto.ca.