Grad Studies & Fellowships

Grad Studies & Fellowships

DFCM's Academic Fellowship and Graduate Studies program offer many opportunities for health care professionals at all levels to expand their knowledge and advance in their careers. Whether you want to focus on broadening your education and teaching skills, begin or advance your career in public health or become a primary care researcher or scholar, we have many courses and degrees to help you reach your goals. Taught by leaders and experts in their field, our programs will help you become competitive for opportunities to grow and evolve your career.  

About our Programs

Add a New Dimension to your Career
Our programs will advance your teaching, leadership, scholarship or research skills or help you begin or advance a career in public health.

Graduate Studies

Obtain your Master's Degree
DFCM's Master's programs will strengthen your academic and research skills,

Fellowships, Certificates and Individual Courses

Take the Next Step
Whether it be a fellowship, a certificate, or an individual course, DFCM has a range of options to further your education and career.