Faculty Development

Faculty Development

As a faculty member within the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM), there are many faculty development opportunities you can access. From teaching skills and leadership training to mentorship and scholarship support, tuition discounts and more, DFCM provides many supports for its faculty.

Get in touch with your Faculty Development Lead for advice on the options available to you. You can also learn about our various faculty development offerings below.

Faculty Development Offerings

Workshops for Family Medicine Academics
Enhance your teaching skills and connect with the people and resources at DFCM. Valuable tools and networking through workshops for family medicine academics at all career stages.

Mentorship Resources

Enrich Your Faculty Experience
Whether you seek guidance from a mentor or desire to foster a relationship with a promising mentee, our mentoring resources are here to help.

Faculty Development Leads & Committee

Get Connected
Looking for further info on any of our faculty development offerings and resources? Your site specific Faculty Development Lead can provide details and advice.

Faculty Development Renewal Modules

Tools & Resources for Post Graduate Accreditation
These modules were developed to help support DFCM faculty in their teaching practices and to ensure they have the tools and resources necessary for Post Graduate Accreditation.

Wellness Resources

DFCM faculty and student well-being is of paramount importance.
Here are resources available to both faculty and students to help support well-being.

Teaching at DFCM

Impart your knowledge as a role model for future family physicians, help recruit talented individuals to family medicine, connect with others practicing family medicine across Ontario and enhance your career. The Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) has a number of opportunities to teach: find one that works for you.

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Factors for Effective Mentoring Relationships

Watch our video with practical advice on mentoring. 

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