Practice Coordinators

UTOPIAN currently have three Practice Coordinators available to support research projects, and Data Analytics Manager and Data Analyst to help with collecting/extracting, managing and analyzing data. 

Types of activities Practice Coordinators perform:

  • Prepare REB applications both at UofT and hospital level
  • Assist with development of protocol and project workflow to minimize impact on practice workflow
  • Connect investigators with sites/practices and assist with practice recruitment
  • Conduct EMR queries and chart reviews
  • Develop and disseminate questionnaire (paper-based, Qualtrics, Ocean)
  • Organize focus groups
  • Recruit patients on behalf of the practice including obtaining their consent
  • Collect, manage and analyze data
  • Take part in results dissemination (posters, presentations, publications)
  • Trouble shoot and support research projects during the whole project lifetime depending on specific project needs]

Note that UTOPIAN does not provide funding; support is provided through core staff only.

Types of projects Practice Coordinators work on:

  • Pilot/feasibility studies to develop applications for funding
  • Funded studies which need to be implemented within the UTOPIAN practices

Examples of projects Practice Coordinators have worked on:

  • SUN: SHARE - Substance Use Network Shared Care Model Evaluation: site recruitment, REB, surveys and stats data collection from providers, posters
  • Using EMR data to identify mismatches between costs and outcomes: a cluster-randomized audit and feedback trial through UTOPIAN: site recruitment, REB, chart review
  • Pre-consultation engagement in patient recruitment to enable initial risk and onward referral for full risk assessment for early diagnosis of Lung Cancer through low-dose CT: REB, converting survey to online version, recruitment of practices, defining workflow, collecting surveys, arranging feedback interviews (i.e. contacting patients, practice staff and physicians),
  • Design and Evaluation of an mHealth Behavioural Intervention for the Self-Management of Type 2 DM: site recruitment, REBs, patient identification, onboarding, workflow adjustments
  • PIAAF-FP: Program for the Identification of Actionable AF in the Family Practice Setting: patient identification, data collection- clinical tests, data entry