Research Ready

Research Ready is a free online self-assessment tool for primary care practices to determine how ready they are to participate in primary care research and what supports they will need in order to do so. UTOPIAN encourages all sites to be Research Ready accredited.

The survey can take several hours; however you can save your work and fill it out at your convenience. The certificate is valid for two years and UTOPIAN is currently working with the Canadian College of Family Physicians to establish a Canada-wide Research Ready certification. 

The benefits of becoming Research Ready include:

  • Awareness of what participating in research entails
  • Awareness of the regulatory context in which research activity has to be undertaken
  • Knowledge of the responsibilities placed upon a practice and its staff
  • Awareness of how this accreditation can minimize potential risks for the practice, practice staff and study participants
  • Assurance that the practice is meeting the required standards
  • Regular reaccreditation process ensures that practices are up-to-date with constantly changing research governance and that their details remain accurate
  • The Research Ready survey provides a useful reference for research teams across UTOPIAN and, also for the induction and training of new staff in the practice who will be participating in its research activities
  •  An opportunity to be involved in a wide range of research projects 

About Research Ready

Research Ready originated in the UK where it is governed by the Royal College of General Practitioners. In Canada, Research Ready has been adapted to the standards of DFCM and U of T. Please refer to the user guide (pdf doc) for further information as to how the data provided will be used.

The survey consists of two parts:

  • an initial assessment for determining the readiness of a practice to conduct research, and
  • an assessment of practice’s research interests.

The first part contains five core competencies that cover the essential knowledge needed to safely and effectively undertake research in primary care.

  1. Research Support (Is there support within the practice for research activity?)
  2. Research Space (Does the practice have identified space and facilities to host research?)
  3. Practice Database (Does the practice database have the ability to carry out searches?)
  4. Governance and Ethical Review (Do you know what is required of your practice and individual members of staff with reference to research governance?)
  5. Responsibilities (Are you aware of the responsibilities you have to your patients and staff if they are participating in research studies?)

Accredited practices will be recognized by DFCM and UTOPIAN. Your practice name will appear on the UTOPIAN website and you will be issued an certificate, valid for two years. Your local site research lead will also be informed of your interest in research, including clinical trials. The complete database will be available for internal purposes only.

Research Ready Process

The self-accreditation is practice-based and it is recommended that most, if not all, of the practice partners and staff are involved in completing the assessment.

  1. Complete the self-assessment
  2. Determine a Research Lead: Every practice requires a research leader who must be a family physician or a research nurse and is agreeable to take professional responsibility for completing the assessment.
  3. Meet Criteria: You should be able to answer yes to each criterion in order to become successfully accredited. If you answer no to any of the questions, you can still submit the survey and one of UTOPIAN Project Facilitators will get in touch with you to work towards the accreditation. You can complete the assessment at your convenience by saving the changes at the end of individual sessions.
  4. Research Ready File: You are advised to maintain a Research Ready File which can become an important resource for your practice research team. Your file should ould contain the following and a record of all the preparations necessary to complete the assessment:
  • Any relevant documents e.g. practice policies and procedures.
  • Any other information you may have acquired whilst doing the assessment that will be a useful source of reference for the practice research team in future.
  • Any documents for research projects in which your practice takes part.

List of Accredited Practices

# practice/site hospital affiliation date accredited
1 North York Medical Group NYGH September 1, 2015
2 Suite 705, 240 Duncan Mills NYGH September 25, 2015
3 Southeast Toronto Family Health Team MGH November, 5, 2015
4 Health For All Markam-Stouffville Hospital November 4, 2015
5 St. Joseph's Family Medicine SJHC November 18, 2015
6 Family Practice Health Centre WCH November 23, 2015
7 Mt. Sinai Family Health Team (30 Murray St.) Mt Sinai Hospital February 12, 2016
8 St. Michael's Hospital Family Health Team SMH February 12, 2016
9 Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team SHSC June 10, 2016