Undergraduate MD Program Details: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SHSC) Family Practice Unit

Type of Practice

Mostly hospital-based academic family health team.

Location of Practice

The Family Practice Teaching Unit is located inside the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, at 2075 Bayview Ave. 

Special Features of Site

Our family practice teaching unit is an academic facility, and it is therefore set up for teaching. We have video cameras in each of the clinical teaching rooms.

We have a full academic Family Health Team and the students have access to clinical learning experiences from a wide range of allied health professions.

Mandatory Experience

The students will have formal clinical teaching sessions with health professional educators including a nurse, a dietitian and members of our diabetes education team. Students will also join the physicians on the Palliative Care Unit at Sunnybrook for one half day per rotation and be able to participate in our RAAM clinic.

When available, the student will also spend one-half day in our procedures clinic, one half day doing home visits. There is also opportunity to spend a half day with our social worker if interested.

Clerkship Electives/Selectives

Students interested in obstetrics can request to spend time with one of our family practice OB specialists.