Wellness Resources

DFCM faculty and student well-being is of paramount importance. There are lots of resources available to both faculty and students to help support well-being. In order to better support faculty and students well-being, please take a look at some of the offerings available: 

COVID-19 support  for Health Practitioners (Please note this service is not affiliated with University of Toronto)

To help support frontline healthcare workers, a new resource has been developed to offer free online, or by phone therapy. This is not a UofT initiative. For more information, please visit https://covid19therapists.com/

More COVID-19 wellness resources can be found on our COVID-19 Updates and Resources for Faculty, Staff and Residents page.

Quick Links:

FoM Post Graduate Wellness Resources: https://pg.postmd.utoronto.ca/current-trainees/while-youre-training/access-wellness-resources/

UofT HR resources: http://www.hrandequity.utoronto.ca/integrated-wellness/

OMA Physician Health Program:1-800-851-6606 

PARO 24 Hour Help Line:  866-HELP-DO/ 1-866-435-7362 

General Practitioner Psychotherapy Network of Toronto:

Health Practitioner resources for burnout and promoting wellness

Professional Well-being modules – from AMA

CMA Resources and tools for physician wellness


Mindfulness Resources 

Practicing mindfulness can help us become more present and focused, both physically and mentally. Check out some of these mindfulness apps: 

Headspace http://www.headspace.com 

Insight Timer http://www.insighttimer.com 

Calm http://www.calm.com 

Simple Habit http://www.simplehabit.com



Watch Dr. Robert Maunder and Dr. Jon Hunter’s 7-minute video

 “Three steps to coping with anything (including COVID-19)

Three steps to coping with anything (including COVID-19)



 3 Minute Breathing Space Guided by Dr. Zindel Segal

Three-Minute Breathing Space