Appointments, Promotions & Renewals

Application Process & Packages

The steps to prepare a clinical faculty appointment application and lists of each application package requirements.

Appointment Details

An overview of clinical faculty appointments; academic activities; full-time, part-time & adjunct appointments; ranks; academic job descriptions; & links to Faculty & University policies & procedures.


Junior promotions are from Lecturer to Assistant Professor. Senior promotions are from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and from Associate Professor to full Professor.


The re-appointment process for Clinical part time and adjunct faculty and Status Only faculty is completed on an annual basis. Faculty will receive an email with instructions to complete an online self-declared Annual Activity Report.

Forms, Templates and References

A complete list of forms, templates and reference material need for faculty appointments, promotions and renewals.

Contact us:

Marie Leverman, Academic Promotions Coordinator, 416-978-8140

Sarah Letovsky, Academic Appointments Administrator, 416-978-7550

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