The DFCM, the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of Toronto, is the largest Family Medicine training program in North America. Our department is recognized internationally for its clinical, educational and research excellence. Our teaching units are at the forefront of primary care renewal.


DFCM welcomes family medicine delegates from China Part of an effort to grow and professionalize Chinese Primary Care

Watch the entire lecture given by Dr. Marshall Ganz on November 20th, on the convergence of politics and health and how to use public narrative as a powerful tool to support collective action.

Educational Technology (EdTech) for Health Practitioner Education: Want to learn more about how to incorporate technology into your teaching but are unsure where to start, what technology is best for what you're teaching, or how to become skilled in the technology yourself?

Upcoming Webinar: Why doesn’t activity change after total joint replacement?

UTOPIAN: Taking Research to the Next Level

New improvements have come to DFCM Open: We've made some great changes to the website that will make it even faster and easier for you to use.