Departmental Award: The Louise Nasmith Award


This award will provide a junior faculty member with protected time to research, prepare, and disseminate a lecture or workshop on a change-related topic. It is anticipated that presentation venues will include DFCM local units and events as well as provincial, national, and international events. Ideally, the education initiative and related discussion will provide material for a scholarly publication. The award recipient will be supported for a half-day every week, for one year, with the support split equally between the DFCM and the recipient’s home division. Potential nominees are advised to speak to the PD Program Director and Chair in advance of the dossier submission.


Any DFCM faculty member in the first five (5) years of appointment is eligible.


The selection committee will consider the following criteria based on a proposal’s capacity to:

  • Showcase and disseminate the ideas and achievements of junior faculty in the DFCM.
  • Stimulate discussion within the DFCM on unique topics not covered routinely through other mechanisms.
  • Stimulate and promote scholarship in the DFCM.
  • Promote activities between teaching units within DFCM.
  • Stimulate discussion about transformation and change.


Nominations can be made by any faculty or staff member of the DFCM, including self- nomination. The nominations will be considered by the DFCM Central Awards Committee. The nominator is responsible for the collection and submission of the award nomination package and informing the nominee of their nomination.

Nominations for a DFCM Award of Excellence must include the following:

  1. Completed nomination form that includes the supporting signature of a teaching site Chief, DFCM Program Director, Division Head or Supervisor.
  2. Two letters of support indicating why this individual is being nominated in the selected category. Letters that are the most helpful address the criteria for the award and present evidence supporting the nominee’s excellence in those criteria.
  3. CV.
  4. Additional material documenting evidence of excellence may be submitted.

Please submit the completed nomination form and corresponding award application documentation in a single PDF file by February 15, 2020 to:

DFCM Central Awards Committee

c/o: Laura Surdianu, Faculty Development
Department of Family and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

500 University Avenue, 5th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V7

Tel: (416) 978-7565

Fax: (416) 978-3912