Impact at the Office of Education Scholarship

DFCM faculty, with the support of the Office of Education Scholarship, are making a huge impact in the field of medical education.

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Guiding the impact of virtual care on the future of work for Ontario’s family physicians: Development of a model of virtual care expertise and education action plan. PSI Foundation Grant, $83,000. Grundland B, Freeman R, Kulasegaram M, Mylopoulos M, Prucnal K, Bhattacharyya O.  

Mylopoulos, M., Rowland, P., Woods, N, Martimianakis, MA.    Collaborator Preparing tomorrow’s experts: A first effort to understand the integration of capability and context for adaptive expertise, SSHRC Insight Development Grants, SSHRC, 2021 Jun -  2023 Jun, $56,783.00 

Onyura, B., Hamza, D, Baker, L, Ng, S., Archibald, T., Fawns, T., Piquette, D., Ismail, Y., Bulmer, B., Nirula, L., Kwan, D. Examining the evaluation of innovation-precipitated harm in educational interventions. 2021; Funded by a Social Science and Humanities Research Council Canada Insight Grant in the amount of $63,472. Granting Agency: SSHRC Insight Grant. 2021 Mar - 2023 Mar,  $63,472.00 


  • Blog post published by Canadian Family Physician: 
    Resident burnout and the COVID-19 pandemic
    By Julia Avolio, BHSc MBDC, Laura Diamond, MSc, Kulamakan (Mahan) Kulasegaram, PhD and Milena Forte, MD 

  • Teitelbaum D, Xie M, Issa M, Nelms M, Wintraub L, Leung FH, Nyhof-Young J, Otremba M, Sirianni G, Prucnal K. Use of wearable point-of-view live streaming technology for virtual physical exam skills training. Canadian Medical Education Journal. 2019. 

Awards & Honours

Dr. Warren Rubenstein receives 2022 Charles Mickle Fellowship
Congratulations to Dr. Warren Rubenstein, the recipient of the 2022 Charles Mickle Fellowship. This award, from TFOM Postgraduate Medical Education, recognizes a member of the medical profession who has done the most within the preceding 10 years to advance and promote sound knowledge of a practical kind in medical art or science. As award recipient, Dr. Rubenstein presented the Charles Mickle address at the All Program Directors and Family Medicine Site Directors Spring Meeting on May 27. His presentation, The End of Feedback, was an inspiring and thought-provoking message.  

Dr. Milena Forte promoted to Associate Professor
Congratulations to Dr. Milena Forte on her promotion to Associate Professor! Dr. Forte is an OES consultant and Postgraduate Education Scholarship Lead.