Continuing Appointment Review (CAR)

What is a Continuing Appointment Review (CAR)?

All new Clinical Full Time faculty appointed to the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of Toronto must complete a Continuing Faculty Appointment Review (CAR) at the end of their three-year probationary period and no later than the end of their fifth year. This review is designed as a “check in” to ensure that the faculty member has met the terms and conditions of their appointment to the Department, and to determine whether the appointee’s performance merits their transfer to continuing annual appointment.

Successful transfer to the continuing annual appointment stream grants the new appointee the expectation of continual appointment renewal, unless the University can demonstrate cause for non-renewal based on performance. This is an important decision since the “continuing annual renewal status” is treated as permanent providing that the appointee participates fully in a conforming practice plan or its equivalent and continues to fulfill their job description including the criteria set out in the procedures manual.

Please note: Clinical Adjunct and Part Time faculty are not subject to this review, but instead must participate in the annual Clinical Adjunct and Part Time Renewal Process. More information can be found here.

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Process & Timeline

The CAR process will be facilitated by the DFCM during January-June. Eligible appointees and Family Physician-in-Chief/Division Directors will be notified individually by the DFCM annually. 

Required Documentation

A Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) application package must include the following:

  1. Letter of Support (prepared by the Family Physician-in-Chief/Division Director)
    • The letter should be addressed to the Chair of the DFCM
    • The letter should reflect the appointee’s scholarship/academic contributions, future academic activities and a statement of support
  2. CV
    • Must present the candidate’s account of academic work completed or undertaken since the initial date of appointment
  3. Letters of Reference (2)
    • May be internal or external to the appointee’s site/division
    • The letters should be addressed to the appointees Chief/Division Director
    • The letter should speak to the appointee’s impact of teaching or scholarship/academic activities
    • Original copies are not required
    • The letters should be printed on letterhead, signed and include a full signature block, i.e., professional title, academic rank, institution, etc
  4. Conflict of interest declaration (to the review committee members)
    • A template of the declaration is available from the DFCM

Please note:  in the past, appointees could merge a junior promotion application with their CAR; however, this is no longer the practice and policy in the DFCM. Applications must be submitted independently.

Steps in the Continuing Annual Review (CAR)

The following steps are a suggested guideline in preparing your application dossier:

  1. Meet with your respective Chief or approved DFCM Program Director to discuss the application package, required documents and timeline going forward
  2. Identify and solicit reference letters (2). They should speak to the appointee's impact in teaching or scholarship/academic activities
  3. The appointee must complete a conflict of interest declaration as it relates to the CAR committee membership.  
  4. Once the CAR application is complete, please submit electronically to:
  5. The application package is then brought forward to the DFCM CAR Committee for their review and support. If support is received from the Committee, a letter of recommendation is submitted to the DFCM Chair.
  6. If a decision is reached not to approve the appointment, the appointee will be advised by the Committee Chair that the decision can be appealed to the DFCM Chair. Any disputes arising from the decision will follow the procedures for dealing with academic disputes as noted in the Procedures Manual for the Policy for Clinical Faculty.
  7. The DFCM Chair is required to write a letter to the Dean asking for approval to transfer the appointee to a “continuing annual renewal status” following his/her successful CAR.
  8. Once the Dean approves the recommendation, the DFCM will receive a letter of approval for each appointee from the Dean.
  9. The Chair will write to the appointee congratulating him/her on the transfer to a continuing annual renewal status. A copy will also be sent to the Family Physician-In- Chief or approved DFCM Program Director.
  10. A DFCM internal administrative process is completed to update all appropriate records.

Submission Deadline

Respective appointees and Family Physician-in-Chiefs/Division Directors will be notified individually by the DFCM of the annual upcoming submission deadline.

Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) Information Session

To request a Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) information session, please contact

Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) Committee Membership

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Procedures Manual for Policy for Clinical Faculty, mandates that the names of the committee members MUST be made known to the candidate in advance.

The DFCM CAR Committee consists of the following members (as of January 2018):

  • Dr Viola Antao, Chair
  • Dr Jeff Bloom
  • Dr Sheldon Cheskes
  • Dr Anthony D’Urzo
  • Dr Michael Kates
  • Dr Judith Peranson

Holly Downey, Academic Appointments Administrator

Sarah Letovsky, Academic Promotions Coordinator

Conflict Of Interest

Prior to the CAR Committee meeting, the DFCM Chair will ask the appointee to identify any perceived conflicts of interest on the part of any committee members.

The Committee will make a recommendation to:

  1. Approve the appointee to a continuing annual renewal status or
  2. Recommend an extension of the probationary period (one-two years) or
  3. Terminate the full-time appointment

Contact Information

for inquiries around the CAR review and process, please contact:


Sarah Letovsky, Academic Promotions Coordinator

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Temerty Faculty of Medicine |University of Toronto

500 University Avenue, 5th Floor | Toronto ON | M5G 1V7