Senior Promotion

Dr. David White & Dr. Barbara Stubbs

The promotion process from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor or full Professor is an internal and external process.

The process towards a successful promotion is gradational involving our Department, internal and external referees, the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, the Dean and the Provost.

Academic promotion in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine recognizes the notable achievements of faculty members in their discipline and contributions to the University of Toronto. Promotion is not granted as a reward for long-term service, but rather to recognize those who have excelled in specific aspects of the academic mission. The successful candidate for promotion will be expected to have established a wide reputation in his or her field of interest, to be deeply engaged in scholarly work, and to show him or herself to be an effective teacher.

According to the University of Toronto Policy and Procedures Governing Promotions, promotion is based on accomplishments in scholarship:

  1. Research
  2. Creative Professional Activity (CPA)
  3. Teaching
  4. Administrative Service to the University

 This website will provide:

  1. A series of three videos on questions and advice in applying for a senior promotion
  2. Important Senior Promotion Documents
  3. Information about the Departmental Promotions Committee (DPC)
  4. Where to start in applying for a senior promotion
  5. Senior Promotion Process and Workshops
  6. Contact Information​​​​​​

In addition, the DFCM invites you to attend our senior promotion workshop series (please click on the tab "Information Sessions and Workshops" in the sidebar).

Senior Promotion: Assistant to Associate Professor or full Professor VIDEOS

We are pleased to provide three videos of DFCM faculty addressing questions and providing advice on the process of becoming an Associate Professor or full Professor.

  1. Senior Promotion - What has a senior promotion meant to you?
  2. Senior Promotion - Do you have any advice for others in preparing for a senior promotion?
  3. Senior Promotion -  Who has assisted you in the senior promotion process?

Important Senior Promotion Documents

The Department Promotions Committee (DPC)

The DPC has the very important job of reviewing the senior promotion pre-applications and dossiers for faculty recommended to the rank of Associate of full Professor. Membership is comprised of senior faculty (Associate and full Professors).

Where to Start in Applying for a Senior Promotion

January - March 31, 2023

  • Review the Manual for Academic Promotion (linked above)
  • Schedule a meeting with your respective Chief or approved DFCM Division Director to discuss your promotion
  • Schedule a meeting with the DFCM Department Promotions Committee (DPC) Chair to discuss your promotion. This meeting may be arranged through the Chair’s Office:
    • For this meeting, please prepare your updated, properly formatted CV
    • Be prepared to identify/discuss areas of excellence for promotion (Research, Creative Professional Activity, or Teaching & Education)
    • Be prepared to identify/discuss your 5 significant scholarly pieces of work
  • Attend our workshop series
  • Review the DFCM Senior Promotion Timeline (linked above)

Contact information:

For additional information on the senior promotion process in the DFCM, please contact:

Sarah Letovsky | Academic Promotions Coordinator
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Temerty Faculty of Medicine | University of Toronto
500 University Avenue, 5th Floor | Toronto ON | M5G 1V7

Strategies to encourage promotion in the DFCM

Senior Promotion Workshop Series

The DFCM will be hosting a Senior Promotion Workshop Series for faculty who are interested in applying for a senior promotion (to Associate or full Professor). The workshops are facilitated for faculty that are considering to go forward for a senior promotion.

We are pleased to announce our senior promotion workshop dates. Please see below for details.

Who should attend:

  • If you are planning to apply for a senior promotion this year, the workshop series will be extremely valuable and important to attend  
  • Faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor and Associate Professor are invited to attend
  • DFCM staff/administrators that might be assisting candidates in this process may also attend

Reasons to attend the Senior Promotion Workshop Series:

  • Understand the criteria, process, timeline and practical steps to apply for a senior promotion
  • Understand the components of a senior promotion application dossier
  • Faculty who have received a senior promotion will share advice and information

Session Leaders Include:

  • The Program Director, Professional Development Program
  • Professor and Vice-Chair Family Doctor Leadership, Dr. David White
  • Successful candidates in the senior promotion process as a guest speaker

Senior Promotion Workshop Series Dates

Please register for the senior promotion workshops on our Information Sessions & Workshops page.


Steps in the Senior Promotion Process


  1. Meet with your respective Chief or approved DFCM Program Director to discuss your promotion. Determine that you meet the criteria for a senior promotion.
  2. Meet with the DFCM Chair (January -March: a set number of documents are required for this meeting)
  3. Attend the DFCM Information Session (February)
    • Whether you plan to apply this year, next year or in a few years, this session will help you prepare
    • Understand the process, criteria  and the practical steps to apply for a senior promotion
  4. Attend the DFCM Senior Promotion Workshop #2 (March)
    • Candidates are strongly encouraged to attend
    • Provides steps and instructions on submitting a pre-application
  5. Prepare and submit a Senior Promotion Pre-Application (April)
    • Faculty are required to submit a Senior Promotion Pre-Application package to the DFCM Senior Promotions Committee in order to obtain feedback regarding readiness for promotion. 
    • Following review and support, each candidate will instructions on preparing and submitting their dossier electronically.
    • If supported to go forward in the senior promotion process, attend the final workshop (May)
  6. Submit a completed senior promotion dossier to the DFCM Academic Promotions Coordinator (September)
  7. The DFCM completes the external and student referee process (September - December)
  8. The Decanal Promotions Committee complete their review process (January - March)
  9. The Provostial review typically occurs in April
  10. Successful promotions are effective on July 1st 
  11. Successful candidates are invited to an annual DFCM recognition event

Please see our 2021-2022 Timeline for a more detailed outline of the steps and timeline for senior promotion in our next cycle.