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Please answer the following questions to help us share your job opportunity or event with the DFCM community. Job opportunities and events will be shared in our weekly jobs & events listserv email to faculty. Locum positions are screened and shared through our locum job board. Events will also be included on our events page.

General guidelines:

  • Events and job opportunitiesĀ must be of clear interest and value to the DFCM community.
  • Requests will be shared at the discretion of the DFCM Communications Team and may be subject to pre-approval by the DFCM Chair.
  • Locum opportunities must meet the requirements to be posted.
  • Incomplete forms or job opportunities/events without sufficient information will not be shared. Please try to provide as much information as possible.
  • Our newsletter is shared at the end of each month, whereas our weekly jobs & events email is shared every Friday. Please take this into consideration and send requests well in advance of when you require your communications to go out.
  • For any questions, email
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