COVID-19 Community of Practice for Ontario Family Physicians

Jun 18, 2021

Getting to herd immunity: addressing children, confidence, and complacency

Please join us for the twenty-fifth in our series 'Changing the way we work' on Friday, June 18, 2021 at 8:00-9:00am (ET). With more than 70% of eligible Ontarians vaccinated with their first dose, we have a lot to celebrate. How can we continue to increase this percentage and achieve herd immunity? At our next session, we will be continuing our discussion about the COVID-19 vaccines with a deeper dive into vaccinating in children and youth, hear about which Ontarians are yet to receive a first dose, and discuss how we can address those experiencing complacency or a lack of confidence in COVID-19 vaccines.


  • Dr. Jeff Kwong, Epidemiologist, Family Physician, Toronto Western Family Health Team, Toronto, ON
  • Dr. Nisha Thampi, Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician, IPAC Medical Director, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Ottawa, ON
  • Other TBD


  • Dr. David Kaplan, Family Physician, North York Family Health Team and Chief, Clinical Quality, Ontario Health, Toronto, ON
  • Dr. Liz Muggah, OCFP President, Family Physician, Bruyère Family Health Team, Ottawa, ON


  • Dr. Tara Kiran, Fidani Chair of Improvement and Innovation, University of Toronto and Family Physician, St. Michael’s Academic Family Health Team, Toronto, ON

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