Family Medicine, Holistic Care, and the Ongoing Global AIDS Crisis: Dr. Jane Philpott in Conversation with Stephen Lewis- Opening Keynote Address by Friedah Nxasana

Nov 26, 2019

About this Event

Family Medicine, Holistic Care and the Ongoing Global AIDS Crisis: Dr. Jane Philpott in Conversation with Friedah Nxasana and Stephen Lewis

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Sponsored by University of Toronto’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, the St. Michael’s Hospital Academic Family Health Team HIV program & Social Determinants of Health Committee, and the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

In honour of World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) and the 15th anniversary of the Give a Day campaign, join us for a provocative and timely conversation with nationally recognized Canadian HIV advocates, Dr. Jane Philpott and Stephen Lewis and Friedah Nxasana, a South African community health leader and head nurse at Cotlands. Featuring a keynote speech by Friedah Nxasana, reflections by Dr. Jane Philpott and Stephen Lewis, and a panel discussion with the three speakers, this event will address the state of the ongoing HIV & AIDS crisis from a family medicine and community-based care perspective. The conversation will consider the role of community-based organizations in sub-Saharan Africa in providing comprehensive care in the context of HIV & AIDS as well as what the HIV & AIDS response has to teach us about reaching the goal of primary healthcare for all.

Taking into consideration the unique role of primary care and family medicine in achieving health equity and the decades of extraordinary, holistic HIV & AIDS care provided by community-based organizations in sub-Saharan Africa, Dr. Philpott, Friedah Nxasana, and Stephen Lewis will draw on their unique perspectives from policy, advocacy, healthcare, and leadership roles in discussing important issues including:
• Do we have to choose between addressing AIDS and building strong, comprehensive health systems?

• What is the role of family medicine in truly bringing an end to the AIDS pandemic in Canada and globally?

• How can HIV treatment for all be accomplished in countries where the formal health sector is over-stretched and under-funded?

• What lessons can family doctors and other healthcare providers learn from community-based caregivers?

Doors will open and light refreshments will be available at 5:00pm