Study examines how Ontario family doctors charge for uninsured services

Mar 12, 2020
Ana Gajic | St. Michael's Hospital

Sick notes, form completions, prescription renewals outside of a doctor’s visit: these are some of the services that patients across Ontario sometimes have to pay for outside of OHIP-covered care.

Family doctors can charge for these services because they are not part of “medically necessary” services, as defined by the province. A new study led by St. Michael’s Hospital and Columbia University aimed to uncover how these services are paid for across Ontario.

“Charging for medically unnecessary services is not a new practice but there has been a shift from paying for services on an ‘à la carte’ basis to so-called ‘block fees,’” said Dr. Danyaal Raza, a Family Physician at the St. Michael’s Academic Family Health Team and the study’s co-lead.

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