Cindy Sinclair

Please list your past and current roles at the DFCM.  

1988-1995 - Administrative Assistant, Residency and Teachng Practices Program. Worked with Dr. Larry Librach and Hollister King; 1995-1998, Executive Assistant to Academic Fellowship and MHSc Programs, Teaching Practices and Emergency Medicine. Worked with the establishment of the AF and MHSc programs with international fellows and students; expanding TP to MOP sites and connecting Preceptors with Residents at the CFPC Annual meeting.Great times.

What do you think the DFCM's greatest achievements have been over the past 50 years?

The greatest achievement I saw was the growth of DFCM from the "baby" of the clinical departments in the early 1980's in the Faculty of Medicine to the global leader in national and international family medicine teaching, research and education.

In your opinion, what event, project, or initiative that you were involved in had the most impact?

Prior to joining DFCM in 1988, I worked in the Dept of Surgery with Dr. Donald R. Wilson. I was involved in faculty promotions and grant applications. I then moved to the Dean's Office in Finance and Personnel where I worked with appointments, salary recoveries and decanal promotions. One of the things I remembered clearly around the discussion of promotion of DFCM faculty to Associate and Full Professor levels after Dr. Palmer made his appeal for promotion to one of these ranks, I can't remember exactly, was that the DFCM was the "baby" of the clinical departments.

I joined the DFCM as Administrative Assistant to Postgraduate Residency Education in 1988. My first office was at the the Western FM Centre with Larry Librach as the PD. We then moved to the Charlie Connacher Wing (CCW) on the 4th floor at TGH as TP merged into PG . I inherited Dr. Hollister King as Chief of TP and all the TP preceptors in Streams A, B and C. Fully pregnant and with no elevator to the fourth floor CCW, plus trips to Holly's office at WC, kept me and my pregnancy in good shape. In addition to the TP and PG merge and trying to inspire PGY2s to go to out-of-town rural practices for TP training with the aim to help fill the doctor-shortage problem in rural Ontario, residency expansion came upon us. These were trying times indeed but we still managed to have a fantastic 25th anniversary celebration spearheaded by the Business Officer, Elizabeth Zeidman and her team. I still have the fridge magnet which was my contribution as a souvenir to mark the 25th anniversary milestone. Will send under separate cover.

Is there a meaningful anecdote that you would like to share with us about your experience as a member of DFCM?

My most impressive years working at the U of T was the ten years I spent in DFCM. Not only was I lucky to be involved in the rapid growth of Family Medicine from "babyhood" to "adulthood" through TP and PG education, but I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Helen in developing the AF and MHSc programs and sharing classroom space with fellows and students with curiosity. Soon after I left DFCM for Ob/Gyn, I enrolled in part-time undergraduate studies. 17 years later I earned a BA, MEd and PhD degree from the U of T. It feels good and I owe my gratitude to Helen, Wilf, Walter, the Directors of TP and PG and the amazing Chiefs, TP physicians, residents and staff colleagues who together exemplify the meaning of "community" in DFCM. I will return in a heartbeat!