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Supplemental Emergency Medicine Experience (SEME)

Three-Month Remunerated Emergency Medicine Fellowship

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The SEME program offers an innovative three month remunerated fellowship for rural Ontario family doctors looking for additional training in emergency medicine.  Focusing on practical and relevant skills, this clinical immersion experience is designed for physicians practicing comprehensive care in smaller and rural communities.

This program is provided twice throughout the year.

The program is composed of three 4 week rotations: minimum 8 weeks of core clinical emergency work and 4 weeks of electives coordinated with approved teaching sites directly by the program. 

The core clinical placements occur in various ED sites affiliated with the SEME program. These clinical placements provide learners with practical, real-world experiences in order to build advanced management and procedural skills. Elective placements in Anesthesia, Intensive Care, or Trauma complement the ED rotations.

The Ontario MOHLTC has approved funding for the SEME program until 2025.

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Online Interactive Modules

E-learning modules addressing key clinical areas in Emergency Medicine are available here.


  • 2022 College of Family Physicians of Canada, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program Award
  • 2016 Wightman-Berris Academy, Anderson Award for Program Innovation and Development, University of Toronto
  • 2014 DFCM Award of Excellence: Excellence in Course/Program Development and Coordination


"The SEME program is the best 3 months of education I’ve received in my medical career thus far. I work as a full scope rural physician and required dedicated time to focus on resuscitation and airway management for my ER shifts. The program was accommodating in every manner, allowing me to seek the opportunities necessary to meet these goals. The faculty is comprised of highly skilled ER physicians who clearly have a passion for medical education but also strive to target knowledge with a rural emphasis. The weekly simulations/didactic sessions provided a structured approach to resuscitations and are likely one of the best features of SEME. All the educational sites are familiar with the SEME Program and the ER staff ensure high yield experiences because of this familiarity. I would highly recommend this program to physicians working in rural ER and wanting to improve a focused skillset. It is a high yield and fast-paced 3 months! Everyone involved is there to ensure success for each participant."

— Jas Gill, January 2021 Fellow