Supplemental Emergency Medicine Experience (SEME)

Three Month Remunerated Fellowship

SEME is an innovative program funded through the Department of Family and Community Medicine and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide family physicians practicing in smaller and rural communities with a three-month, full time, remunerated fellowship in Emergency Medicine. The SEME program provides a learning structure that is practical and relevant, offering a unique opportunity for comprehensive skills enhancement in Emergency Medicine.

This program is provided in the spring (April-June) and fall (September-December).

The program is composed of three 4 week rotations: minimum 8 weeks of core clinical emergency work and 2-4 weeks of electives coordinated with approved teaching sites directly by the program. The core clinical placements occur in various ED sites affiliated with the SEME program. These clinical placements provide learners with practical, real-world experiences in order to build advanced management and procedural skills. Elective placements in Anesthesia, Intensive Care, or Trauma complement the ED rotations.

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The Ontario MOHLTC has approved funding for the SEME program until 2025.

Now accepting applications for:

January 17 – April 10, 2022 (application deadline September 10, 2021)

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Online, Interactive Modules

elearning modules addressing key clinical areas in Emergency Medicine available on DFCM Open


2016 - Wightman-Berris Academy, Anderson Award for Program Innovation and Development, University of Toronto

2014 - DFCM Award of Excellence:  Excellence in Course/Program Development and Coordination


The SEME program is one of the best career decisions that I have made. The opportunity to attend weekly, high quality academic sessions taught by seasoned experts, participate in regular simulations, and do clinical rotations with leaders in emergency medicine made this an invaluable experience for me. While being a comprehensive rural physician was always my career goal, I seriously considered giving up rural emergency medicine after my residency training due to a lack of confidence dealing with higher acuity scenarios. During the SEME program, I witnessed my confidence and clinical skills rise exponentially. After attending SEME, I feel qualified as a new staff, and am now working in a northern rural emergency department, where for the majority of my shift, I work as the only physician in the department. There is a deep need for highly-skilled, committed, comprehensive rural general practitioners in this nation, and I strongly believe that the SEME program helping to meet that need.

Heather Laasko 2017​


SEME is an excellent program that has given me exponentially increased confidence to practice Emergency Medicine in a rural ER.  The academic days are enjoyable and provide a wealth of practical hands-on experience and knowledge, while the rotations have helped me develop skills that I would not have gained just by working on my own. After completing the program 2 months ago, I have now been working in the ER and feel comfortable dealing with many scenarios that I am sure I would have been unprepared for without the program.  Having just graduated residency prior to the SEME program, I did not feel ready to practice ER independently and think there is a good chance I would have either never started working in the ER or would have stopped it shortly into my career. Thanks to the SEME program, I feel much better prepared and plan to work in the emergency department to help serve rural communities now and in the future.”

Dr. Zack Bordman – 2017​